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If you are beginner with laravel 8 then i’m sure i can help you to install bootstrap 4 in laravel 8. it’s very simple way to install using laravel ui composer package. laravel ui package add laravel 8 support. follow this instructions:

We will cover the following concepts of Laravel and Bootstrap:
  • How to Install Laravel/UI.
  • How to install Bootstrap and its packages
  • How to compile Bootstrap assets.
  • How to install Bootstrap Auth Scaffolding.
  • How to use complied Bootstrap CSS and JS in Laravel blade template.
  • Bootstrap is a CSS framework, and it provides user-friendly UI components that help to build a next-level web or mobile application. This is a step by step guide on how to use Bootstrap 4 in Laravel.
Step 1: Install a new Laravel 8
composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog
Step 2: Database Configuration

Open the .env file on your text editor and create your database and database connection add this file

Step 3: Install Laravel UI
composer require laravel/ui
Step 4: Install Bootstrap 4

Install a laravel/ui package using Composer, now in this step, we will understand how to easily install the Bootstrap 4 CSS Framework using the following command.

php artisan ui bootstrap
Step 4: Install Bootstrap 4 with auth

Install auth scaffolding bootstrap package in laravel app by using the following command:

php artisan ui bootstrap --auth

You also need to install npm and run it. so let’s run both command:

Finally, you need to install the bootstrap package and the related frontend dependencies such as jquery from npm using the following command

Step 5: Install NPM
npm install
Step 6: Run NPM
npm run dev
Step 7: Run php artisan Migrate

open terminal and type the following command on it to create database table:

php artisan migrate
Step 8: Run Development Server

Run Development Server use the following command to start development server:

php artisan serve

Now, open browser and hit the following url on it:

I hope it can help you…

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